Roeding Business Park And Freeway 99

Bel Air Motel Redevelopment Project
The Agency is working with Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS) department to pursue private-sector development of the former Bel Air Motel site. The Agency relocated the tenants, completed the abatement work and demolished the building. The Bel Air Motel was purchased in 2007 with the intention of razing the unsightly, blighted building, and through an agreement with PARCS, to use the area for vehicles and equipment. PARCS has recently expressed desire to consider an alternative site, so the Agency is currently preparing a Request for Proposals to market the site for private development.

Dakota/Marks Intersection Traffic Signals Project 
As part of ongoing efforts to revitalize the Freeway 99/Golden State Corridor Project Area, the Agency provided for the installation of new traffic signals at the intersection of Dakota and Marks Avenues, which was completed in March of 2009. The intersection was previously controlled with four-way stop signs. The new traffic signals help reduce vehicle idling and congestion, improve operating service levels, traffic safety and air quality.

In conjunction with the traffic signal installation, the Agency also added sidewalks, trees and irrigation fronting the property at the southwest corner of Marks and Dakota. This improved the aesthetics of the intersection and enabled a property developer to complete the first phase of a proposed three-plus-acre development while providing on-site improvements required by the Agency.

Golden State Boulevard Reconstruction Project 
This multi-year project is to encourage new development of the area fronting the 8,000-linear-foot segment of Golden State Boulevard between the Highway 99 exit and Shaw Avenue. The project includes infrastructure, new street pavement, curb and gutter, street lights, parkway landscaping and irrigation, and completion of the street drainage system. The project construction was divided in three phases: Phase I consists of the 2,000-foot segment between Swift and the Gettysburg Avenue alignment; Phase II, the 4,000-foot segment between Gettysburg and Shaw Avenues; and Phase III, the 2,000-foot segment between Ashlan Avenue and the State Highway 99 Exit.

Phase I was completed March 2009 at a total cost of $900,000. Phase II is in the design process, which should be completed by the end of summer 2009. The total cost of this phase has been estimated at $3 million. Phase III is the combined effort of the City of Fresno, Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) and the Agency. The Agency is paying for design work; the city and the flood control district will pay for the cost of construction. Design plans and specifications are completed. The total cost of Phase III has been estimated at $130,000.

Herndon Townsite Area 
The Agency entered into an agreement with a housing developer to leverage the developer's required infrastructure improvements within the Herndon Townsite Neighborhood, designed to reduce blight and create a new water system for the older neighborhood. The Agency's $250,000 investment enhanced improvements at Elgin, Weber and Farrington avenues. The investment provides for five units of affordable housing in the new subdivision proposed on the east boundary of the Herndon Townsite. The funds were released to the developer in April 2008 upon certification of the completion of the off-site improvements. The agreement also calls for construction of the affordable housing units by April 2011.

Lowell Neighborhood Community Meeting
Agency staff has participated in several Lowell Neighborhood Community Meeting initiated by the Mayor. The Agency, along with the Housing Authority, prepared an exhibit showcasing availability of the CHPP (Community Housing Partnership Program) for major and minor rehabilitation grants and loans.

Shaw and Polk Signalized Intersection
The Agency is working with the City's Public Works Department to redesign and reconstruct the intersection at Shaw and Polk avenues. Development there has been stalled because of the intersection’s poor condition. The Agency is contributing $60,000 for the design of the intersection and the construction is planned for funding with state funds. Construction is expected to begin in late summer 2009.

The Agency entered into an Owner Participation Agreement (OPA) with TFS Investments, LLC for the redevelopment of a mixed-use housing and commercial property at 532-614 North Fulton Street (APN 452-275-13 and 452-275-05). TFS has renovated 39 apartments and the ten commercial spaces that face Fulton Street.

The Developer is required to dedicate eight (8) of the units, or twenty percent (20%), as affordable to households earning no more than 60% of the area median income, the remaining 31 units are moderate income units.

This is the first multi-family rehabilitation project that the Agency has assisted in the Freeway-99 Golden State Corridor Fulton area and is the renovation of an existing mixed-use building, constructed in 1950, under the Agreement, a loan in the amount of $600,000 made to the project by the Agency.

This $1,848,950 project leverages $2.08 in private investment for every dollar in Agency assistance. Upon completion, the project will produce additional tax increment for the Agency until the end of the Freeway-99 Golden State Corridor Redevelopment Plan life.

Dan Ronquillo Drive Connector and Extension of Conduit
Public Works is administering the $497,070 HUD Economic Development Initiative grant plan for the extension of conduit for telephone, cable, electricity and natural gas along the north side of Dan Ronquillo Drive between West and Hughes avenues.

Public Works staff is working with the utility companies for the preparation of plans and specifications for the extension of conduit. Design for the realignment of Dan Ronquillo Drive will connect to the future Highway 180 West frontage road, between Hughes and Marks avenues, and will be funded with Measure C funds.

SPCA/Agency Temporary Drainage Basin
The Agency renewed an agreement with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for the use of a ponding basin on SPCA property. The purpose of the basin is to receive rain water runoff from Nielsen Avenue, until the FMFCD constructs permanent drainage facilities to serve this area of the Roeding Business Park.