Southeast Fresno

Jensen and Willow Traffic Signal
Staff is proceeding with City Public Works Department to install a signal at the intersection of Jensen and Willow avenues. Agency staff has facilitated right-of-way acquisition with Fresno County and is funding the construction of the traffic signal and southbound Willow Avenue street-widening to accommodate and attract growth.

Tenth and Ventura Project
Continuing efforts to remove blight and promote new development, the Agency purchased property at the northeast corner of Tenth and Ventura streets in southeast Fresno. The vacant site was the former location of various auto-related businesses, including a gas station and auto dealership. The property was demolished and the land was cleared on September 30, 2009.

The Big Fresno Fair
The Agency partnered with the Fresno Fair through an agreement to provide financial assistance for renovations to the pedestrian and vehicular entryways onto the fairgrounds along Kings Canyon Boulevard. The improvements were completed in time for the opening of the Fair in October 2008, at a total cost of $650,000 with the Agency contribution of $250,000. In late March 2008, Council District 5, Agency staff and fair officials met to discuss further improvements to the fairgrounds along Kings Canyon Boulevard and Chance Avenue. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to debut the new entryway, and to celebrate the Big Fresno Fair's 125th Anniversary.

Ventura and Seventh Street Housing Project
To revitalize a blighted block on the south side of Ventura Street between Eighth and Seventh streets, the Agency and the City Housing Department are proposing a new affordable housing project. The City and Agency are issuing a joint request for qualifications for the housing project.