About Us

The following describes the Former Redevelopment Agency:

The mission of the Fresno Redevelopment Agency is “To strategically invest time and resources to improve neighborhoods, and develop industrial and commercial properties for the 21st century and beyond.”

By law, the Agency’s primary purpose is to remove blight – abandoned, boarded, or deteriorated buildings and parcels of land that quickly  become eyesores. The Agency works with public and private partners to renew blighted property; rehabilitate structures for industrial, commercial and retail use; and build infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines, curbs, landscaping, new paving and lighting. The Agency also has a charge to develop affordable housing for low- and moderate income families and individuals.

The Agency works in cooperation with private developers, community organizations, the City of Fresno, the Housing Authorities of the City and County of Fresno, the Economic Development Corporation serving Fresno County and the Fresno Revitalization Corporation, among others.

The Former Redevelopment Agency is being dissolved pursuant to legislative action beginning in 2011.


How We Are Governed

The Fresno City Council Members serve as the Redevelopment Agency's Board of Directors. The Fresno Housing and Community Development Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Redevelopment Agency on community development, redevelopment, housing and economic development.

Community Impact

The results of redevelopment have a widespread economic ripple effect:

  • Creating and retaining jobs in retail, service, office, entertainment & manufacturing sectors; and creating construction jobs as a result of new development and remodeling of existing buildings; facilitating more widespread opportunities for affordable housing and mixed–use development;
  • Improving cultural, shopping, entertainment & recreational opportunities;
  • Creating a stable tax base by revitalizing formerly low-value parcels;
  • Maintaining and improving the economic viability of historic buildings through adaptive reuse;
  • Increasing levels of funding flowing into the city and county budgets, such as property taxes, sales taxes, and hotel taxes to ensure public safety and community services;
  • Developing and upgrading infrastructure such as water, sewer, lighting and streets, in an effort to promote business expansion and new business development;
  • Rehabilitating major industrial areas for business attraction, expansion and retention.
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