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Marlene Murphey
Executive Director

Marlene Murphey

With extensive experience in redevelopment, planning and community and economic development, Marlene Murphey has served as executive director of the Redevelopment Agency since 2004. She formerly served as deputy city manager for the City of Fresno, and as redevelopment administrator for the Agency.

Murphey is responsible for oversight of the 18 project redevelopment areas throughout Fresno, including downtown. In recent years, she has directed the Agency’s investment that helped facilitate more than $1 billion in downtown revitalization activity. In aging industrial areas of the city, she facilitated more than 750,000 square feet of industrial building development and has advanced more than 500 acres of industrial land toward “shovel-ready” status. Her budgeting and reporting expertise resulted in four consecutive Certificates of Achievement for Excellence from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

An engaged steward of the community, Murphey has several affiliations, including the Valley Small Business Development Corporation, the Downtown Association and the Fresno Revitalization Corporation.

She did her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of San Francisco.