Airport Area

The Agency is assisting the Airport with the evaluation of 24+ acres of Airport-owned property, for the development of industrial/commercial projects. The property, located on the east side of the Airport, is ideally suited for light industrial and flex commercial uses. The property is projected to hold up to 375,000 square feet of space at final build-out.

Airport Beautification Project
Completed in December 2008, new beautification projects at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport greets residents and visitors. The Agency constructed new wrought iron fencing, landscaping, curvilinear sidewalks, and median-island landscaping along Clovis and McKinley Avenues, adjacent to the FYI airport. A monument sign for the airport was also completed at the Clovis/McKinley intersection.

Carmen Avenue Street Reconstruction Project
The Agency’s reconstruction of Carmen Avenue is underway, (between Maple and Chestnut avenues) which will provide new paving, curbs and gutters; and will address flooding issues on Home and Dearing Avenues. A segment of Carmen Avenue between Backer and Sierra Vista avenues was improved as part of the office-warehouse complex developed by Don Pickett and Associates.

Clovis Avenue Overlay Paving
The Agency, in association with the City of Fresno Public Works Department, will construct overlay paving on Clovis Avenue between Shields and Garland avenues. The work is intended to extend the life of Clovis Avenue, the main thoroughfare serving the FYI Airport Area. The project is expected to be constructed in Spring 2010 and will increase business attraction. The City has recently received federal funds to construct an adjacent overlay project on Clovis Avenue, between McKinley and Shields avenues.

Clovis Avenue Railroad Crossing
The railroad crossing at Clovis Avenue was constructed in late 2008, with an infrastructure upgrade to improve vehicle traffic on Clovis Avenue, part of the Airport Area.

Street Reconstruction Project
Curb and gutter improvements were completed along Floradora, Whitney, Dearing and Sierra Vista avenues, between Maple and Chestnut avenues. Paving was installed in early summer 2009. The improvements have already resulted in a 16,400-square-foot business expansion and will improve existing businesses through road improvements.

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