Utility Trailer Sales Expansion

The Agency strategically worked to establish public/private partnerships that have induced industrial development, advanced shovel-ready land and improved East Avenue from Jensen to Annadale, a major arterial.  Through an MOU focusing on public improvements to East Ave, the Agency retained and induced expansion of Utility Trailer Sales (UTS) resulting in the addition of $8.5 million of new value including a new 45,000 square foot building and almost doubling the number of employees to 70. Pursuant to an MOU, the UTS on-site expansion was completed in FY 9/10 and during FY10/11 the company met all of its obligations by completing reimbursable off-site improvements (adjacent to UTS) on Dorothy  Ave and on a portion of East Avenue South of Dorothy that included curbs, gutters, paving, street lights, sidewalks and storm drains.  In FY10/11 the Agency completed design and started construction for its portion of infrastructure that will finalize improvements, along East Avenue from Dorothy to Annadale   Avenues.

In conjunction with UTS and the planned improvements along East Ave. the Agency has reached agreement with the adjacent property owner, to advance the industrial development of their 10 acre parcel at the northwest corner of East and Annadale. The Agency will complete improvements on East Ave to Annadale. In turn, the owner will make offsite improvements to Annadale and prepare and market subdivided parcels for small and medium industrial use.