Storefront Improvement Program

The Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) encourages physical improvements to existing commercial buildings and neighborhoods; stretches and leverages funds deriving maximum visual impact from modest investment; and, helps (generally small to medium) businesses. The Agency has actively offered the SIP through its marketing brochure, informational workshops and architectural design assistance.  The Agency also works with merchants groups, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to increase participation in the program. 

The Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) continues to grow benefitting revitalization of older commercial districts and corridors.  In FY 10/11, the Agency assisted improvement to 44 commercial storefronts that generated over $460,261 in improvement value.  Every Agency dollar invested was matched by about $4.20 from the private sector. Additionally, through the SIP program, the Agency assisted the Small Business Administration with their $7,175,000 renovation and the Fresno Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with their $1,800,000 renovation. Including these two major renovations the Agency’s leverage increases to $64.50 in public investment for every $1 of Agency investment.