Kearney Palms Shopping Center

February 2000 marked the completion of construction of the $10.23 million Kearney Palms Shopping Center Project, comprised of a major grocery market (Food 4 Less), a drug store (Rite Aid), and sixteen commercial tenants.  The Project site occupies approximately 12 acres bounded by Freeway 99, Fresno, “B,” and Tuolumne Streets.  Included within the Project site is an Agency-owned public parking lot, providing 620 off-street parking spaces for shopping center clientele.  Additionally, the Project includes a 8,000 square foot City police substation leased to the City pursuant to a Cooperation Agreement between the Agency and the City.  The Agency assembled the land for the site, constructed the off-site improvements and public parking lot, and funded the development of the police sub-station. It was estimated that the project created 350 permanent jobs.