Older Industrial Areas

Florence Avenue Street and Storm Drain Improvements
Phase I of the Agency's construction was completed in March 2009 at a cost of $648,158, includes the installation of 1,300 feet of storm drain line in Florence Avenue between East Avenue and Golden State Boulevard and the reconstruction of the north half of Florence Avenue between East and Railroad avenues. The project required some minor excavation testing in the railroad right-of-way to locate fiber optic and other utility lines prior to actual construction. Field verification resulted in modification to the design.

Completion of Phase I triggered the expansion originally agreed to by Aquarius/Jain Irrigation in their memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Agency. Under the terms of the MOU, Aquarius/Jain agreed to hire 100 employees in 18 months and execute a 20-year lease/purchase agreement. As of the end of March 2009, employment growth has added more than 150 new jobs at the site and production continues to increase. Aquarius/Jain Irrigation has become one of the two largest drip irrigation companies in North America as a result and continues to evaluate the existing site for additional expansion opportunities related to the company's world-wide operations.

Phase II of construction of the south half of the street with curb, gutter and paving requires acquisition of right-of-way and relocation of power poles. The right-of-way acquisitions have been completed and relocation of the poles is underway.

Annadale, Freeway 41 Drain Improvement Project
The RDA assisted industrial development with the construction of 1,565 feet of storm drain, completing an incomplete storm drainage system. The area includes sections along the east side of Freeway 41 between Annadale Avenue and the extension of Vine Avenue to the north. The flood control district will design and construct the storm drain and is obtaining the dedication of the storm drain easements.

Cedar Avenue Water Main Project
In order to facilitate continued industrial growth, the RDA funded and installed approximately 4000 linear feet of water line from Muscat Avenue to approximately one-quarter mile south of Central Avenue. This project was completed in October 2008 for approximately $374,000. An additional 525 feet of water line was extended to the next property to the south to provide fire suppression support of a 15 acre property developed by Old Dominion Freight Line for a new terminal/distribution center eventually employing more than 50 people.

East Avenue Improvement Project
The RDA has induced a major expansion of the Utility Trailer Sales Company with the provision of off-site improvement in an area surrounding East and Dorothy Avenues. The off-site improvements include paving, street lights, curb, gutters storm drains and sidewalks totaling about $220,000. The expansion by UTS includes new construction in excess of $8 million and 35 new high-paying jobs with full benefits.