Affordable Housing

The Agency entered into agreement with EAH Housing November 16, 2008 for the development of affordable housing on about 7.5 acres of Agency land at Elm and Annadale. Agency staff has been working with the developer to coordinate and participate in pre-planning activities with City staff and is working with the developer in preparing various applications.

Community Housing Partnership Program (CHPP) Major/Minor Rehabilitation, Boarded-Up and Infill Housing Program
An amendment to the contract between the Agency and Housing Authority was approved by the City Council/Agency Board September 30, 2008. Agency staff monitors and participates in the execution of CHPP contracts and meets with Housing Authority staff on a regular basis.

Major/Minor Rehabilitation
Since the inception of the CHPP in 2000, a total of ??? houses have been approved for or received minor or major rehabilitations as of March 31, 2009.

El Dorado Park
To combat the blighting influences affecting the neighborhood, Fresno State, Wesley Church, Stone Soup, the Redevelopment Agency, and the City employed MW Steele, a planning consultant, to create a Neighborhood Specific Plan. After a series of charettes that gauged the community’s needs and desires for a safer, cleaner environment, a unified plan was designed to be implemented over time. A series of meetings have been held with City and Agency staff and area stakeholders. At the most recent meeting in March 2009, a Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) was designated to represent the area and to formally make recommendation to the City staff, the Planning Commission, and City Council.

In November 2008, development of 11-unit single family residential homes on South Clara and North project was taken over by Habitat for Humanity through an agreement with the Agency. In exchange for development of a ponding basin and off-site infrastructure, the Agency requires a 45-year, low-to-moderate income agreements on each of the 11 parcels.